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Watch testimonials from members of our community.

Gabriel : Trans man and parent

Gabriel is a transgender man sharing the world from his perspective. He shares his story and his experiences about being free to be himself and being a parent.


Abigaël : Trans person - non-binary

Abigaël is a transfeminine non-binary person who shares with us the challenges that they must overcome with their assertion of identity in a world where everything is gendered in a binary way. The population in general interprets people as either man or woman.

Cleo Longaria : Intersex person

Cleo Longaria (aka François Zarraga) reads two LGBTQIA2S + tales for youth, one in French and the second in English.


In addition, Cléo answers questions from families while testifying, in an interview about her journey as a Two-Spirit and Intersex person.


Stéphanie : Queer cisgender activist

Stéphanie is a cisgender woman and queer activist interested in community initiatives and committed to fighting oppression.

Since 2010, she and her friends have been organizing the “Chalk Rainbow” event which celebrates pride in the Aylmer sector and has produced the Gaytineau podcast since January 2018.


Author, poet, actress, speaker ... Gabrielle began her transition in 2012. She is the first transgender woman to be nominated as an actress at the Canadian Screen Awards or its predecessor Genie Awards .


Marie Christine: Trans woman and parent

Marie-Christine shares the challenges she had to face on her transidentity journey and as a parent.


Samuel: Gay man

At 42, Samuel has been out of the closet for over 11 years now. He answers our questions about his journey that led him to his "coming-out" and the challenges of his new identity.


Kaleo: Intersex person

Kaleo, 29 years old. He has always questioned himself in relation to his anatomy and contradictory messages in connection with his gender identity.


Lionel: Non-binary trans person

Lionel is a non-binary transmasculine person who shares his difficulties in asserting his identity in a world where everything is gendered in a binary way between man or woman.


Teo: Teenager - Trans Boy

Téo, who is now 17, explains his transition journey as a teenager.

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