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In 2020, trans and non-binary people from Outaouais came together and founded the Trans Outaouais organization, thus contributing to the visibility of its community. 

Trans and non-binary people face daily particular difficulties such as; discrimination based on gender identity, social isolation, lack of medical and social resources, financial difficulties, etc...


Trans Outaouais mission is to provide services that meet or alleviate some of these needs and obstacles (financial support for needs related to the transition, swearing-in service, accompaniment, support groups, etc...)


Trans Outaouais does not receive any recurring funding to ensure its survival or cover current expenses. 


To continue our activities, we need your help! 

Encourage us to fulfill our mission for trans and non-binary people in Outaouais.

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To donate to Trans Outaouais, click on the following link.

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