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Our discussion and support groups have been set up to provide you with a safe and judgment-free environment ("Safer Space"). You have the freedom to express your gender and be accepted for who you are.

Never losing sight of our organization's mission, we are continually developing new activities to provide moral peer support to members of our community.


Contact us for more information or on Facebook et Instagram.

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Whether your child is of school age, adolescent or adult, the challenges faced by parents of trans, non-binary, or gender-creative children are often very similar. We therefore invite you to come and join us in the  discussion groups.


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Trans Outaouais graciously offers you a list of the majority of support services for LGBTQIA2S + people in the region and elsewhere.


Visit our Resources section to learn more.

Trans Outaouais offers a free swearing-in service to its members for name and gender change.


Contact us for more information.

Financial support

Trans Outaouais is determined to support you throughout your gender affirmation process. We have set up a limited financial support service to help members of our community who express the need.


Contact us for more information.

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