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Meet our team


Abigaël Bouchard (They / she pronouns)


Non-binary transfeminine, Abi has been a director of Trans Outaouais since September 2020. His profession, software development specialist at Professionals' Financial. They are committed to respecting the rights of people of gender diversity and enjoy helping parents support their trans child's journey of affirmation. Abi is involved in various committees in the medical and professional communities to improve the reception and access to care for trans and non-binary people. They began their transition at age 50. Like what, there is no age to assert yourself and be authentic.


Sam Asselin-Mailloux (They pronoun)


Sam is a non-binary person and holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in social work from the University of Ottawa. Iol is a trainer on LGBTQIAP+ issues, has worked in the community for 9 years and is a lecturer in social work. Sam has been volunteering with Trans Outaouais since the fall of 2021 and has served as co-president since July 2022. In his spare time, iol enjoys visiting local cafes, bookstores and museums.


Teagan Charbonneau (He / They pronouns)


Teagan is a non-binary transmasculine person. Credited to Algonquin College in Sexuality and Gender Studies. He works as a TES (Special Education Technician) during the day and has been volunteering his time with Trans Outaouais since May 2021. Teagan chose to get involved as a volunteer following the support he received during his early transition. The well-being of people in the community is important to him. Teagan became secretary of the board in September 2021 and co-chairman in July 2022. As a hobby, he enjoys dancing, music, playing guitar and board games.


Gabriel Lanthier (he/him pronouns)


Gabriel is a trans man who holds a college diploma in computer systems from La Cité College. Gabriel has worked for the federal government since May 2007 and has gained leadership experience in recent years. Gabriel has been involved as a volunteer with Trans Outaouais since 2017. He started as a facilitator of support groups, gave testimonials and became involved as a leader in the foundation of the organization in March 2020. He was the president of the organization until July 2022. He is currently the secretary of the organization and helps to train the next generation and ensure the sustainability of the organization. In his spare time, Gabriel enjoys doing puzzles, crocheting, nature walks and playing board games.

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Faun Lebowitz (pronouns she/her)


Faun is a trans woman with a degree in Philosophy of Science/Ethics from the University of Wisconsin. She retired from the computer industry, as owner of a computer design and consulting firm. Offering to aid Trans Outaouais in March of 2020, she became a board member within a month. Her goal is to streamline access to trans healthcare in the region. Her hobbies are technology, gadgets, cooking, genealogy, watching soccer, loving to spend time with family and friends.

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